Using industry-leading innovations in our manufacturing processes, Shapeair provides lightweight ductwork for your project requirements. Our systems are up to 85% lighter than conventional metal-based ductwork, which significantly reduced weight placed on the infrastructure of a building.

Lightweight ductwork also makes installation much easier, and with the thermal properties, can be installed closer to ceilings and walls, saving precious space without heating up. Both environmentally friendly in manufacturing and from the materials used, lightweight ductwork is worth considering on your next project.

Industry-leading innovations in our manufacturing lead to air leakage that is 70% better than the recommended industry standard, with an air leakage of 1.5% compared to the 5% or greater of metal-based ductwork.

This solution is fire retardant, meeting all global standards for fire safety and will not spread fire, nor transfer any heat from external systems. It will also not corrode, rust or exhibit any moisture leakage from temperature differences between the internal and external surfaces of the duct.

These are just some of the reasons why lightweight duct makes the perfect choice for environments where air quality is paramount, such as hospitals, research laboratories, schools and office spaces.

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About Shapeair
Shapeair is an Australian specialist company, with offices in Melbourne and Brisbane, with focus in the supply, design and engineering of air movement solutions. Products include grilles, diffusers, registers, louvres, volume control dampers, fire dampers and VAV’s to name a few.