Built by Hickory, Market Lane is known as the ‘non-office office. With the innovative design and space, it redefines the meaning of office space. Adopting a people-centred approach, a large light-filled environment provides a seamless indoor/outdoor flow.

Market Lane features include over the 8,500m2 of office space, a 5-star NABERS rating, occupant temperature control points, luxurious end of trip facilities, wellness and fitness studios, green outdoor terraces and even an edible garden – making this the office of the future.

Shapeair lightweight ducting was utilised on the project, providing a sustainable solution that has synergy with the design and flow of the building. SMACNA Class 3 rating, no loose fibres, easily maintained and cleaned, resistance to moisture, rodents, vermin, chemicals and solvents along with high levels of insulation, makes Shapeair lightweight ideal for your next project.

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