Multi Award Winning Masterpiece

The Melbourne School of Design is in the heart of the University of Melbourne’s historic Parkville campus. This collaboration between local architect John Wardle Architects and America architectural firm NADAAA designed this architectural masterpiece. Winning a range of awards including The Institute of Structural Engineers “Best Education Project” as well as the Australian Institute of Architectures “Best Interior” and “Best Educational Architecture” awards.

The building took just over a year to build to create a new building full of holes (in a good way). From small varying sized perforations in steel and plywood, to an array of scattered varying sized windows on facades. At the heart of this building is the atrium is the large, tall room cutting over four levels with a beautiful faceted timber ceiling, brings tempered light into the space.

The jewel at the heart of this project is a three storey timber-clad ‘stalactite’ that is suspended from the main hall roof. Framed in steel, with timber infill walls and floors, the structure contains three separate teaching studios. Due to the fire-rating requirements, the studio structure is suspended from two steel trusses that are concealed within two of the roof base beams. Using intumescent coatings, this ensures that the trusses and the steel hangers are protected.

This project provides the Shapeair team with an opportunity to be involved in a project that was very much sought after. Our design, engineering, project management and commitment to this project were some of the key reasons why we were selected. A selection of the grilles and diffusers supplied were adjustable slotted swirl diffusers, high capacity swirl diffusers, double deflection grilles and hundreds of metres of linear slot diffusers.

Under Seat Displacement Diffusers

Spatial constrains meant that existing market product offerings would not be able to meet the design intent. However, when we were presented with this problem, the Shapeair team knew that there would be a solution that we could offer, and we did.

Our combination of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), real-world simulation, expert engineering team and certified test equipment allowed us to design and develop the unique under seat displacement diffuser for this project. Throughout the process, we had our clients Commissioning Manager involved to ensure that this would allow for improved efficiencies during commissioning on the project.

Shapeair’s Under Seat Round Displacement Diffusers provided in the auditorium at Melbourne School of Design

Linear Slot Diffusers

Over 250 linear metres of linear slot was provided as it allowed the design intent to be achieved. Another feature of the linear slot diffuser is the installation method which is allowed for that allows for additional time savings to be achieved on site. Our continuous drive to work in partnership with our clients ensures that greater results can be achieved.