Ceiling Diffuser Aluminium (CDA)

Ceiling Diffuser Aluminium (CDA)




The CDA square multi-cone ceiling diffuser, is ideal for most commercial projects requiring high quality diffusers for integration with a variety of ceiling types.

The diffuser is available in a wide variety of core styles as a 4, 3, 2 or 1 way pattern and offers great diffusion of air suitable to the type of surroundings.

The CDA square ceiling diffusers are designed to achieve an even supply air distribution from any type of ceiling.

The range is available with 2 frame styles to cater to various mounting conditions Lay-in T-bar and bevelled edge.

Type CDLA, L type base is for Lay-in mounting in a plaster ceiling.

Type CDBA, B type base incorporates a dropped bevelled border and is used in applications where minimum ceiling smudging is required.


All aluminium construction using aluminium alloy extrusions with mitred corners make the CDA range lightweight yet strong and durable.

Cores are removable via spring operation.


The model most commonly used, is the square shape 4 way blow, therefore the diffuser can also be provided with internal blanking plates to achieve 1, 2 or 3 way blow to suit the individual requirements.


Bevel frame.