Curve Blade Diffuser (ACB)

Curve Blade Diffuser (ACB)




The ACB curved blade ceiling diffusers are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 way blow with square rectangular or linear core types.

The individually adjustable curved blade profile has been engineered so as to provide minimum noise.

ACB diffusers are primarily used for supply applications and due to the adjustability of the blades. Excellent diffusion characteristics can be achieved in many applications and settings.


The frame and blades are of extruded aluminium in white satin finish. Other finishes are also available upon request.

Construction options available include fixed core, removable core, hinged core and Lay-in model to suit T-bar ceiling.

Blades are adjustable as standard, but may be fixed if required. The ends of each blade are mounted in friction pivot to allow individual blade control without any loosening.


The ACB is available with opposed blade dampers, stream splitter dampers, square and round adapters.


Removable core.