Displacement Diffuser Module (DDM)

Displacement Diffuser Module (DDM)




The DDM displacement diffuser module is suitable for supply with a low air velocity of cooled air with a temperature difference of up to 6°C between supply air and room air.

The units are designed to be fitted to provide effective displacement.

It can be used for constant and variable volume installations.

The diffuser is designed for a variety of fitting types.

In a displacement system, cooled air is supplied at low velocity at floor level and at the top of the room, the heated and polluted air is removed.

The heat sources in the room create rising convection currents. The air is taken from the cool supplied air at floor level.

Their ability to quickly and efficiently remove polluted air in the occupied zone produces optimum cooling capacity.


The frame is constructed from an aluminium extrusion, which supports and retains the perforated zincanneal core.

Various patterns available upon request.