Fire Damper (FD)

Fire Damper (FD)




The FD fire damper is vital to air handling systems in any air conditioning or ventilation installation.
The ductwork provides a ready means by which fire and products of combustion (smoke) can spread from where they start to the remainder of the building.

To prevent the harmful effects of the spreading of fire and smoke, fire dampers must be installed into the opening in the walls and slabs created to allow the installation of the air handling system.

Fire dampers of the interlocking blade type are available to suit high and low air velocity systems for both round and square duct work.


The standard construction of the fire damper is galvabond steel.

Activation of the fire dampers is possible by the detection of fire, smoke or fire and smoke combinations.


The fire damper can be installed regardless of the airflow direction which assists in its closure. It is accessable from either side, and its narrow width makes it ideal for installation in partition walls.

Complying to the test requirements of Australian Standard AS 1682, the fire damper obtained a 4 hour fire rating and met the leakage requirements for smoke control.


Fire / Smoke combination dampers, stainless steel.