Intumescent Damper (ID)

Intumescent Damper (ID)




Sub-dividing buildings into smaller fire resisting compartments is a recognised method to limit the spread of fire. Building a fire resistant wall or floor to construct an enclosed compartment is relatively simple.

However, building design becomes much more complex when the compartments need to be linked for everyday use.


Designers recognise the need for buildings to be well ventilated for the health and comfort of occupants.

Frequent changes of air are required to flush out airborne infections, and warm and cool air needs to be circulated to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Experience has shown that ductwork can, in the event of fire, provide a conduit for fire, as well as the hot smoke and toxic gasses it produces.

As HVAC systems frequently penetrate fire compartment boundaries, it is these points that must be treated in an approved manner to preserve the integrity of the fire compartment.

The Lorient solution is to install a LVH44 intumescent fire damper into the duct at the point where it penetrates the fire resistant construction. This will effectively limit the spread of fire and restrict the passage of hot smoke and toxic gasses.


The Lorient LVH44 intumescent fire damper comprises a rigid galvanised steel framework that supports a series of evenly spaced reinforced parallel slats that contain an intumescent material.

Under normal circumstances they allow air to pass freely but a sudden increase in temperature, resulting from the presence of hot flames or gases, will cause the slats to expand to many times their original thickness fusing together to form a stable fire resistant barrier, which restricts fire and limits the spread of hot smoke and toxic gases.


Manufactured in Sydney to the highest quality, Lorient LVH44 intumescent fire dampers are designed and approved for use in a host of different applications, providing a range of proven versatile solutions all in accordance with the latest Australian standards.


Lorient LVH44 intumescent fire dampers offer a rugged, reliable solid state design that unlike conventional mechanical fire dampers do not contain any moving parts. Their symmetrical construction allows for bi-directional airflow and they are simply activated by a rise in temperature. The LVH44 fire damper produces a tightly sealed, highly insulative intumescent mass that provides a barrier to fire, and also restricts the spread of hot smoke and radiated heat.


All Lorient LVH44 intumescent fire dampers are supplied with Lorient branded foil to allow for easy identification.