Jet Diffuser – Mounting Plate (JDMP)

Jet Diffuser – Mounting Plate (JDMP)




The JDMP jet diffuser mounting plate can be used to easily mount simultaneous jet diffusers side-by-side on a duct or wall, the option is given to have between one to four jet diffusers pre-mounted on one panel.

Jet diffusers can be installed in horizontal and/or vertical applications.

For adjustment of direction and pattern, the entire core can be rotated 180° with ease at the face of
the unit to achieve either a diffused or straight air pattern.

The throw of air in the straight air pattern is twice of the diffused pattern.


Jet diffusers are manufactured from spun aluminium.

Standard finish is white satin (other finishes available upon request).

Panel is constructed from zincaneal and sprayed internally black matt.