Metering Plate (MP)

Metering Plate (MP)




The MP metering plates are designed for balancing air flows in air conditioning ductwork systems. They replace conventional outlet dampers and regulators.

The design principle of the metering plate balance module is to divide the air before the outlet into a number of streamline jets, which re-combine into a uniform flow at the rear of the outlet.

The module is selected to give the required outlet face velocity at a uniform pressure drop.

For efficient performance of all room air distribution devices, supply air must be delivered to the outlet in the correct quantity, direction and at a uniform velocity.

The advantage that the MP series has over other balancing devices is that the balancing is done with the design, allowing for full and accurate duct design, taking full account of velocity changes, static pressure regain, etc. This in turn reduces difficult and time consuming site balancing.


The module frames are installed in the duct, complete with assembled modules as selected by the system designer, and fixed to suit the particular duct arrangement.


Size four plates and size six plates.