Smart Variable Air Diffuser Round (SVAD-RR)

Smart Variable Air Diffuser Round (SVAD-RR)

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The SVAD-RR smart electric variable air volume diffuser round is powered via an electric stepper motor and controller providing VAV heating and cooling. Containing a local sensor for the optional remote or wall-mounted thermostat, creating customisable individual zones of comfort.

Supply air velocity is maintained, providing superior air distribution in a uniform pattern, providing maximum Coanda effect and ensuring air dumping and uncomfortable drafts are minimised.

Aesthetically similar to the popular plaque model range.


Manufactured from sheet steel. Standard finish is white satin (other finishes available upon request).


Thermal range includes variable air diffuser square plaque face. Thermal linear range includes linear slot.

Electronic range includes variable air diffuser square and round plaque face, swirl diffuser square and round face. Electronic linear range includes linear slot and bulkhead / wall types.

B Frames available.


Performance data available upon request.