Swirl Diffuser – High Capacity (SDH)

Swirl Diffuser – High Capacity (SDH)




The SDH swirl diffuser is designed for high induction requirements supplying cool or warm air to a wide range of applications.

The unique design of the vanes enables the diffuser to handle significantly more air than other swirl diffuser models, and the radial discharge pattern ensures a high level of induction within the room.

Temperature and velocity differences between supply air and room air are quickly reduced, making the diffuser ideal for VAV and LTVAV applications where large air change rates are required.

Effective distribution is still maintained with a turndown ratio of 20%.

The high relative free area also makes the diffuser well suited for exhaust or return air applications.


The diffuser is made of sheet steel, with a radial array of blades pressed into a square or round panel.

Size of the diffuser is determined by the neck radial diameter, and can be pressed into various face sizes.

The SDH is available in two neck diameters, 350 and 540. The SDH is available with matching header box with or without balancing damper.

Finished in standard white satin (other finishes available upon request).

NOTE: SDH swirl diffusers can also be provided with Seismic restraint system in a T-bar ceiling.