Volume Control Damper – Non Return (VCDNRD)

Volume Control Damper – Non Return (VCDNRD)




The VCDNRD volume control non-return damper range is operated by air pressure. Damper blades modulate automatically with increasing pressure.

The dampers are designed to be used for pressure relief or room-to-room pressure control allowing air to travel one way.

The blades are forced closed and cannot open if air tries to flow in the wrong direction.

For accurate control and adjustment of the opening pressure of the damper, the VCDBD barometric model can be fitted with blade weights and ganged blades for site adjustment.

To ensure effective operation, each blade comes fitted with edge seals to ensure minimal leakage when the damper is being forced closed.


The frame and blades are of extruded aluminium in mill finish.

Slotted holes provided in each corner to suit duct flanging.