Linear Slot Diffuser (LSD)

Linear Slot Diffuser (LSD)




The LSD linear slot diffuser is designed for installation in the ceiling or side wall and is suited for the supply of cooled or heated air with large temperature differential in relation to room temperature.

The LSD can be installed in individual lengths or in multiple sections to form a continuous length.

For continuous lengths, joining strips are provided to ensure each individual section is aligned with its adjoining section. Modules are available in a number of slots ranging from 1 to 8. The uniquely designed pattern deflector is adjustable from the face and enables adjustment of the discharge air stream in various horizontal and vertical configurations.

To simplify installation, the centre T-Bars are removed allowing easy access for various fixing methods. Its clean architectural look makes the LSD a very versatile product that blends in many environments.


Extruded aluminium construction.

Maximum single length 3m.

Finished in standard white satin (other finishes available upon request).


Insulated or uninsulated plenum box complete with inlet spigot and damper with balancing strings.