R&D Facility

The Shapeair Research and Development Facility is dedicated to creating and validating solutions to the most challenging requirements, as well as meeting the future aesthetic and performance demands of our industry. This unparalleled testing capability perfectly complements our in-house design proficiencies, product expertise and engineering team.

Using NATA certified and calibrated instruments, the Shapeair R&D Facility is designed to support and validate specific scenario testing. The In-Situ room allows for witness testing of air-moving products in project-specific mock-ups. This gives us the ability to test niche products for critical spaces like healthcare facilities, laboratory spaces, commercial building layouts, education facilities and auditoriums to name but a few.

Perfect for the study of unique applications or requirements, design engineers and project owners can test their design concept before they build, determining if the proposed system meets design criteria, comfort requirements and allows for optimisation of air distribution and performance.

Meet with our product specialists for targeted discussions and design mock-ups in facilities that support the exploration of air distribution technologies through hands-on interaction with dynamic displays and firsthand witness testing.

Our combination of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), real-world simulation, expert engineering team and certified test equipment, reinforces the confidence that design specific product, supplied by Shapeair, will perform in the targeted project environment.