Ceiling Diffuser Steel (CDS)

Ceiling Diffuser Steel (CDS)




The CDS square and rectangular multi-cone ceiling diffusers are designed to achieve an even supply air distribution from any type of ceiling.

The CDS has an infinite range of sizes and patterns and has been specifically engineered to handle large volumes of air at relatively low sound levels and pressure drops.

The diffuser is available in a wide variety of core styles and neck sizes from square to rectangular as a 4, 3, 2 or 1 way pattern. Any combination can be selected to suit a specified air pattern suitable to the type of surrounding and room environment.

CDLS L type base is for Lay-in T-bar ceiling or flush/surface mounting in a plaster ceiling.

CDBS B type base incorporates a dropped bevelled border and is used in applications where minimum ceiling smudging is required.

CDMPS MP type base is used for fixing within a metal pan tile ceiling. The outer flange is sized to suit the T-Bar size or other sizes upon request.


All zincanneal construction cores are removable by a centre cone screw fixing.


Bevel frame and metal pan frame.


The model most commonly used, is the square shape 4 way blow, therefore the diffuser can also be provided with internal blanking plates to achieve 1, 2 or 3 way blow to suit the individual requirements.


Throw values are given for terminal velocities of 0.5m/s – 0.25m/s under isothermal conditions.

Data applies to ceiling mounted units where the maximum Coanda effect applies.

For exposed ducts and no Coanda (ceiling) effect, throw distance can be established by multiplying the tabulated throw data by 0.65.


The noise levels stated are based on a 10dB room sound absorption level (ref. 10-12W).